Saterfrisian Course 4 by Pyt Kramer
with the assistence of
Margaretha Grosser
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Lkse fjauer (4) - Ju Ienleedenge

Klik ap dn Luudspreeker un heer dn Text.

They are talking about .
Type one English word in the box

Dierk Wlm.
Type one English word in the box

  fre Eventuelly copy and insert:

Listen again.
Please compare !  

Now listen and try to say after Wlm.

You ARE Wlm: Listen and answer!
Listen and try to say after Dierk.

Now you ARE Dierk: Speak after the beep and listen!

Don't be afraid to give a wrong answer. This is practice!

  Lkse fjauer
DIERK: Jie konnen hier dlich wil iete.

WLM: Man paaset jou dt wil?

DIERK: Jee sicher, uus Schap is ful.

WLM: Fuul Tonk dan!

DIERK: Jie hbe jrsene wil uk nit so fuul hiwed.

WLM: Noa, md sun Raise kricht me licht tou min.

Listen and read with the text.

Learn the
new words.
Listen and say after Wlm.

You are WLM: Listen and answer!
Listen and say after Dierk.

Now you are DIERK: Speak after the beep!
Consult the Grammar.

fre buppe

Attention: The sch in Schap is pronunciated with a sharp guttural sound, different from German. Therefore, it is often written sk instead.

true/ not true.
Type "true" or "not true " in the box.

Jie konnen iete bie Wlm.

Dt paaset wil.

Jie hbe dlich nit fuul hiwed.

Md ne Raise kricht me tou fuul.

    fre buppe

Exercise (please note punctuation) Copy and insert:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

Yes, our cupboard is full.

Translate the sentence into Saterfrisian and type the translation in the box
(Accented characters may be obtained from the former alinea!)

One gets too little.

Translate into Saterfrisian

Please listen to the text
and type in Saterfrisian

  fre buppe


Put the right word in place.
Copy and insert the right Word

(Remove superfluous spaces).

paaset - licht - fuul - Schap

Dt is nit ful.

Dt nit.

Me kricht tou min.

Wie hbe nit so hiwed.

    fre buppe

Write and speak

1. Listen to the text and try to write on paper in Saterfrisian.

2. Compare with the original text.

3. Speak from your text and compare with the spoken text.