Subject: Two acquaintances meeting.

Hello, John

Hello, Peter

'How is it with you?' = How are you?

'With me it goes good' = I am fine


Subject: Old, new, and young.

The bicycle is old.

The house is new.

The waggons are new too.

But the cow is young.


Talking about business.

Are you still a farmer?

Yes, I am still a farmer. And you too?

No, I have a shop now.

'Then you have it busy' = Then you are busy.


Inviting for dinner.

'You can ..' = You may eat here today.

But does that suit you?

Yes, sure, our cupboard is full.

In that case: Thank you!

You sure haven't had so much yesterday.

No, with such a journey, one easily gets too less.


Tea talk.

Do you want sugar in the tea?

No, thank you.

What will we do further?

We will go to the village centre in a moment.

That seems good to me.

Here is still a little lump of cheese for you.

I can well become satisfied of that.


Going out.

Are the women going with us?

No, I would like to go the two of us.

Through which door we should go?

We can go through both doors.

It is raining a bit, the weather is wet.

We can stand a bit of wetness, can't we?

Yes, I have a good cap (on my head)!

And I am wearing a water-proof coat!


A nearly accident.

Look, the children are playing near the school.

They are singing enthusiasticly.

I think, they have the bad weather in the head = they are excited.

'Think about it ..' = Pay attention, someone is walking over the road.

'It only just went good' = That was a narrow escape.

So, now we have nevertheless been out for a moment.


Today it is my father's birthday.

Gratulated! How old does he become?

He is becoming fifty years already.

Well, our mother is not yet that old.

How old she is then?

She is still only forty eight.

Then your mother is older than ours.

So when is your mother's birthday?

Next week Saturday.

So you will have another party soon!


Where have you been?

Visiting Addy, my sister.

Do you believe, that we don't know where SHE lives?

They long ago went to America.

There her husband could find a job.

That's far away! Nearly across the whole world!

Yes, they better could have stayed a bit closer.
We still never have seen their two little children.
But what I would ask you, how is your Nicholas?

You mean my brother?
He is a teacher in Leeuwarden.
I don't know, how he is getting on at the moment.
But last week he and his wife were busy painting in their new house.

So THEY stay in Friesland.
That's better too, because then they are visiting (you) a bit more often.


Neighbours talking.


Goodday too.

So you start to feel home a bit?

Oh yes, bringing the dustbin to the road
And each evening walking a little way with the dog.
And talking a bit with people.

But we don't see you so often.

Oh no, all day working.
It's a big house and we must do a lot.

Oh yes, when it's your own, you want to have it all right.

The house is so high and that's difficult when cleaning.
'But we gladly want..' = But we like to keep the work in our hands ourselves.

That will cost quite a bit of time.

Therefore I am going on. Goodbye.


Who is that man?

That's Simon, our new neighbour.

A Frisian too, as it sounds.

No, he does not come from here, but he already learned fairly Frisian.

Well, I would say that! He talks to us, as if he had lived here always.

O yes, and his wife too.
And they have two children, a boy and a girl;
Such people of course easily learn the language.

Such people are a great help.


A patient.

What's this supposed to mean: you are lying on the bed?

Yes, I am ill.

Are you sometimes allowed off the bed?

Yes, in the afternoon I am getting out of it during an hour.
And then I am lying down again.

Here I have some oranges for you.

Please lay them on the table.

It is a kind without pips.

I will leave them still a bit.

Don't you like them? Will I give you one?

No, they will give me one of them soon.
Then I will eat it.
Just give me my knife, please.

Now we will talk about something else.

What is the weather nice, isn't it?.

Yes, it is even nicer than yesterday.

It is already bright early in the morning.

You can sit outside late in the evening.

We also put the chairs in the garden.

Then the light is shining against the trees.

When it becomes cold, we are going inside again.


Talking about houses.

This is the place, where my grand-parents lived.

So there was a house standing on this place?

Yes, but was totally broken at last.

They now have made garden of the grounds.

And they have built another house at the other side, just in front of the school.

Oh, in that straight part of the street.

More new houses are standing there.

Oh, that are those expensive ones, that cost so much money!

Yes, they are making a good profit by that.

The builder will have a luxury life from that, later on.

One would be ashamed for that.

I am against it, that the gouvernment allows for such.

Oh, as long as it is not your money.

And it is rich people that buy such houses.

Yes, one can't do anything about it.

Everybody takes what he can get.


I will go to America.

Well! You will go there alone?

No, I take my wife with me. It is the best country of the world, isn't it?

How did that happen at once?

Well, we nearly hear nothing of the family, no word.
They are becoming so quiet, so I thought, we should have a look there.

Are you going along all of them?

That indeed is the goal.

Who will you visit first?

We still don't know where we start.
Perhaps first below in the south.
Then to Nicholas, who lives in between.
And after that to my nephew above in the north.

Then you have had everything, haven't you?

Oh yes, one in fact wants to visit all family.


A flight.

When I saw the plane, I thought: ' What a big thing it is.'
From one end end to the other it really is fourty meters.

Is that really true?

Yes, and then we were counted in order to see, whether each traveller was there.
And should I sit sit at this side of the other side?

Couldn't you just take a sit?

No, that goes with numbers, because otherwise they don't know what is free.
And when I sat, I should have a safety belt around me.

Only around the waist?

Yes, and they also told, that there was a life-jacket below the chair.

Could you sleep a bit, on the way?

Oh, that was worse than expected; now and then the eyes closed for a moment.
And when we must go out it, I couldn't loosen the belt.

But thank God there you are again.



What is the matter?

Do you see where my jumper lies?

No, 'I would not can say' = I can't say.

Did you nowhere see it?

No, what do you want with it?

I will go horse-riding.

You aren't afraid then?

No, these are tame horses, aren't they?

You can't count on it.

Oh, that one whines for a sweet again and again,
of those grape-sugar lumps, you know.

Well, don't make a mistake.

Soon you will be embarrassed.

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