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Les acht (8).

Klik op 'e ldsprekker en harkje nei de tekst.

What are they talking about? About .
Type one English word in the box

They will have a .
Type one English word in the box


Listen again.

Now listen and try to say after Pyt.

You ARE Pyt: Listen and answer!
Listen and try to say after Jan.

Now you ARE Jan: Speak after the beep and listen!

JAN: It is hjoed s heit syn jierdei.Today it is my father's birthday. .

PYT: Lokwinske! Hoe ld wurdt er?Gratulated! How old does he become?

J. Hy wurdt al fyftich jier.He is becoming fifty years already.

P. No, sa ld is s mem noch net.Well, our mother is not yet that old.

J. Hoe ld is dy dan?How old she is then?

P. Se is noch mar acht en fjirtich.She is still only forty eight.

J. Dan is jim mem lder as uzes.Then your mother is older than ours.

P. Wannear is jim mem har jierdei dan?So when is your mother's birthday?
J. Nije wike sneon.Next week Saturday.

P. Dan hawwe jim gau wer in feest!So you will have another party soon!
Listen and read with the text.

Lear de
Nije wurden.
Listen and say after Pyt.

Now you are PYT: Listen and answer!
Listen and say after Jan.

You are JAN: Speak and listen!
Rieplachtsje de Grammatika.



Exercise (please note punctuation) Copy and paste:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

He will be forty years.

Translate the sentence into Frisian and type the translation in the box

We have a party.

Translate into Frisian

Please listen to the text
and type in Frisian

  Folgjende Boppe

wier/ net wier.
Type "wier" (true) or "net wier" (not true) in the box.

Us heit wurdt fjirtich jier.

Jim mem is lder as uzes.

Nij wike snein ha wy feest.

It is hjoed s mem har jierdei.

Nij wike sneon is gau.

    Folgjende Boppe

Meitsje in goede sin.
Type the right number in the box.

Wannear is 1 fjirtich jier.

Ik wurd noch mar 2 bist do?

Dan hawwe wy 3 dyn jierdei?

Hoe ld 4 as jimmes.

Us heit is lder 5 in feest.

    Folgjende Boppe


Typ it goede wurd.
Copy and glue:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

It is s heit syn / har jierdei.

Hy wurd / wurdt lder.

Hoe lde / ld is er dan?

Wannear hat / is jim mem har jierdei?

Dan hawwe wy woe / wer in feest.

    Folgjende Boppe


Set it goede wurd te plak.
Copy and glue:

ld - jierdei - wannear - jier - wike - feest - lder

It is moarn myn .

Hoe wurdst dan?

Ik wurd tritich .

Ik bin .

is dyn jierdei?

Nije sneon.

Wy hawwe moarn in grut .

    Folgjende Boppe

Write and speak

1. Listen to the text and try to write on paper in Frisian.

2. Compare with the original text.

3. Speak from your text and compare with the spoken text.