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Les sn (7).  

Klik op 'e ldsprekker en harkje nei de tekst.

The children are near the .
Type one English word in the box

What are they doing there? They are .
Type one English word in the box


Listen again.

Now listen and try to say after Jan.

You ARE Jan: Listen and answer!
Listen and try to say after Pyt.

Now you ARE Pyt: Speak after the beep and listen!

  Les sn A nearly accident. or click .
PYT: Sjoch, de bern boartsje by skoalle.Look, the children are playing near the school.

JAN: Se binne wakker oan it sjongen. They are singing enthusiasticly.

P. Ik tink dat se it ml waar yn 'e holle hawwe.I think, they have the bad weather in the head = they are excited.

J. Tink derom, der rint ien oer de wei.'Think about it' = Pay attention, someone is walking over the road.

P. Dat gie mar krekt goed.'It only just went good' = That was a narrow escape.

J. Sa, no hawwe wy dochs efkes fuort west.So, now we have nevertheless been out for a moment.

Listen and read with the text.

Lear de
Nije wurden.
Listen and say after Pyt.

You are PYT: Listen and answer!
Listen and say after Jan.

Now you are JAN: Speak and listen!
Rieplachtsje de Grammatika.

Folgjende Boppe

Exercise (please note punctuation) Copy and paste:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

Hy gie fuort.

Translate the sentence into English and type the translation in the box

The children go to school.

Translate into Frisian

Please listen to the text
and type in Frisian

  Folgjende Boppe


wier/ net wier.
Type "wier" (true) or "net wier" (not true) in the box.

De bern boartsje by tsjerke.

De bern sjonge.

Se hawwe it goede waar yn 'e holle.

It gie wol goed.

Wy hawwe fier fuort west.

    Folgjende Boppe

Make a good sentence.
Type the right number in the box.

Dat gie 1 it boartsjen.

Ik rin oer 2 waar yn 'e holle.

Hy hat it ml 3 goed.

De bern 4 de wei.

Se binne oan 5 boartsje by tsjerke.

    Folgjende Boppe


Typ it goede wurd.
Copy and glue:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

Hy is oan it sjongen / sjonge.

De berne geane juster / moarn nei skoalle.

Nei iten meie se boarte / boartsje.

Der rint tsien/ ien oer de wei.

Se hawwe it ml waar op'e / yn 'e holle.

    Folgjende Boppe

Write and speak

1. Listen to the text and try to write on paper in Frisian.

2. Compare with the original text.

3. Speak from your text and compare with the spoken text.


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