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Les seis (6).      

Klik op 'e ldsprekker en harkje nei de tekst.

Are they going together?
Type one English word in the box

What does it do? It is .
Type one English word in the box


Listen again.

Now listen and try to say after Pyt.

You ARE Pyt: Listen and answer!
Listen and try to say after Jan.

Now you ARE Jan: Speak after the beep and listen!

  Les seis Going out. or click .
JAN: Geane de froulju mei s? Are the women going with us?

PYT: Nee, ik woe mar tegearre gean.No, I would like to go the two of us.

J. Troch hokker doar moatte wy? Through which door we should go?

P. Wy kinne troch beide doarren.We can go through both doors.

J. It reint in bytsje, it is wiet waar.It is raining a bit, the weather is wet.

P. Wy kinne wol oer wat wiette, net?We can stand a bit of wetness, can't we?

J. Ja, ik haw in goede pet op'e holle.Yes, I have a good cap (on my head)!

P. En ik draach in tichte jas!And I am wearing a water-proof coat!

Listen and read with the text.

Lear de
Nije wurden.
Listen and say after Pyt.

You are PYT: Listen and answer!
Listen and say after Jan.

Now you are JAN: Speak and listen!
Rieplachtsje de Grammatika.

Folgjende Boppe

Exercise (please note punctuation) Copy and paste:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

Wy geane togearre.

Translate the sentence into English and type the translation in the box

My coat is water-proof.

Translate into Frisian

Please listen to the text
and type in Frisian

  Folgjende Boppe


wier/ net wier.
Type "wier" (true) or "net wier" (not true) in the box.

Jan hat in pet.

De froulju geane mei.

Wy kinne mar troch ien doar.

It reint net.

Wy kinne oer wiette.

    Folgjende Boppe

Make a good sentence.
Type the right number in the box.

Troch hokker 1 tegearre gean.

Wy kinne troch 2 goede petten op'e holle.

Wy hawwe 3 doar moatte wy?

Ik kin wol oer 4 beide doarren.

Wy kinne wol 5 wat wiette.

    Folgjende Boppe


Typ it goede wurd.
Copy and glue:
(Remove superfluous spaces).

Hy hat in jas / pet op 'e holle.

Wy kinne troch beide doaren / doarren.

Hy draacht in ticht / tichte jas.

Wy kinne net oer de wiete / wiette.

De froulju gean / geane mei.

    Folgjende Boppe

Write and speak

1. Listen to the text and try to write on paper in Frisian.

2. Compare with the original text.

3. Speak from your text and compare with the spoken text.