Compare your pronunciation !


In order to improve your pronunciation you should hear yourself speaking.

Therefore you might record your speech together with the example by the Windows Sound Recorder.

Take care that a microphone should is connected to your computer.
Eventually apply a head-phone with combined microphone and start trying with the only the microphone connected.

Click right side down in the task bar on Volume /Options or in the configurationwindow on Sound en Audio equipment (tab Audio /Volume). Subjoined pictures will appear; please adjust in them record (select microphone) and volume as follows:

  - In order to start the sound recorder: click on the red rimmed speaker:
  - A window appears
"Download file".

- In it click on "Open".
(This program is already in your computer, so it is "download"
without internet-connection).

  - Now the sound recorder appears, usually left in top of the screen.  
  - In working the sound recorder often disappears behind the worksheet; fetch
it back by clicking on the button "Sound" in the task bar:
  Doesn't it work out, then click  
  Instructions of use for the sound recorder    
  - Recording: click on the recording button with the red dot:  
  - Just after that click before the example in the lesson on:  
  - Speak after the example.    
  - Stop: click in the sound recorder on the stop-buttonk:  
  - Play the result by clicking the play button:  
  - Repeat eventually after clicking the rewind button:  
  - You may also spool forward with the forward button:  
  Wiping or saving    
  When making the next recording, it will appear behind the previous one.
You may, however, also start again.
  - Click in the sound recorder on File.
A menu appears.

- Click in the menu on New file.
A text appears: Do you want to save changes?

  - Click No when you don't want to save the spoken sound.

- Or click Yes when you want to save it.

  - In the next window Save file as you have to fill in a file name (e.g. recording2) and after that click at the right of it on Save.  
  - Now you can make the next recording.  

To make the sound recorder always visible:

  - Please click in the upper right hand side of the SCREEN on the double squares:
Now the worksheet is reduced.

  - Click in the blue bar on top of the worksheet and drag it as indicated overhead:

- Repeat that in each new lesson.

Now the sound recorder always remains visible when working.